Safety & Security

Safety and security, the prime concerns are adequately taken care by sufficient guides and trainers for rides. Is erectile dysfunction psychological Every ride has been designed with attention for personal safety by using one-inch thick foam rubber material with a heavy Plastic Coating on the top surface. Built into the foam is an irrigation system that spreads a thin film of water over the material, creating an almost friction-less surface. When laid on a downhill slope tremendous rides can be created with this material. Creating a hygiene atmosphere a priority of the pace commences with 24 hours of watch over the cleanliness of the water. In the park a team of professional Chemists/Engineers continuously monitors the quality of water to ensure international standards of Water Parks.


Changing Room

Dress Changing Rooms and Showers are available for guests. Guests can buy or hire towels and swimming shorts.


Locker Room

Locker facilities are available for the guests to keep their valuables and things on rent.


Restaurant - Minnal

Inside the park, there are 6 restaurants catering to the appetite of the Vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. The vegetarian restaurant "Saral" and non vegetarian restaurant "Minnal" consist of qualified chefs with credit of experience and acknowledgment for their special recipes. An added attraction is the Kerala restaurant serving ethnic Malabar cuisines.


Restaurant - Saaral


Restaurant - Nila

First Aid & Lost and Found

First Aid & Lost & Found

The Water Park has a First Aid facility, which is always on standby during operating hours. If in any circumstances that a possession or child is missing, authorities are available and will take care of the situation.


Refreshment Stall

The park has arrangements with leading companies to provide ice creams, pastries, beverages, soft drinks. There are different types of refreshment stalls for Fresh Juices, Cotton Candy, Snacks, etc.


Customer Care Cell


Hiring Costumes

Changing Room

Shower Room


Gift Shop


Ticket Counter


Water Treatment Plant

Making sure we are giving the right required water for health and safety of our guest.


Unlimited Power Generator


Plant Nursery