Dry Rides



Horse Ride

We offer spectacular horseback riding trips, along the lakeside. Enjoy the pristine scenery with the awesome Blue Mountains for a backdrop. The horses are well maintained and are safe for all levels of riding experience. Trail rides are led by experienced guides. Trail rides are led by experienced guides.


Dragon Coaster

Are you brave enough to ride the Dragon? Climb aboard the dragon roller-coaster and find out. Roar through a winding track filled with bends and curves on this colorful monster!

Tora Tora --NO MORE

Tora Tora

The Guests can spend their time in the Dry rides like Giant Wheel, Columbus, Roller Coaster, etc.



As you swing high on Columbus, Soar on the wings of a dragon, watch the earth dance below your feet!


Ferries Wheel

Enjoy the view from the top. Get on this giant wheel of fun and enjoy the thrills of spinning through air.

duck train

Duck Train

This is a part of an exclusive kids dry ride play area. Kids will surely enjoy this ride and they can also spend their time in other Dry rides like Dream Girl, Horse Ride Round etc.


Camel Ride

Experience the fun in riding the camel. A spectacular adventure to be at the camels back. Walk along the lakeside and nearby scenery. Enjoy the fascinating view of the Nilgris. Camels are well trained and safe. Trail rides are led and accompanied by experience guides.


Catterpillar Ride

A cool and fun experience for the kids. Parents are rest assured for the children's safety while they are enjoying the ride.



Not everyone is given the opportunity to take the challenge. Not everyone has got the guts to do it. If your opt for a different adventure, this one is definitely a must try!


Mini Enterprise

Kids just love this ride so much that they keep coming back for more.


Dream Girl

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Dashing Car

Make fun in riding and dashing the electric cars. The only indoor cars can be droved without traffic and License.


Thrillarium Ride


Illusion Ride