Hot Air Baloon

Imagine a bird's eye view of the Nilgiris bio-reserve from a giant hot-air balloon at a height of about 100 feet from the ground. A tethered hot-air balloon experience for residents and tourists at an open field. About three adults and two children can take the balloon ride at once. We will also have a pilot inside the balloon to control it and for safety.


Bungee Jumping

Experience the hype, experience the height jump. Experience the adventure and take the challenge of this once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the sky.




Animal watch tower

Get the opportunity to watch the beautiful Sceneries of Nilgiris and wild Animals that walks through. The experience to be on top of the tower is very rewarding and worth spending your time with the nature.


Rain Forest trek trail

Love trekking but afraid of heights? This one is for your. Experience the jungle and enjoy the sound of nature as you go through the trail set in the middle of the water theme park.


Birds Park

The excited twittering of birds and the colorful flapping of a hundred wings welcomes you to Black Thunder's Bird's Park. This houses some of the world's most exotic and colorful birds in lush green surroundings. Take a relaxing and Informative tour - each species is tagged with a personal name card and other interesting details. A sweet treat for the eyes and mind.



A collections of various species of aquatic creatures are safely kept and nurtured inside the park. Be fascinated and be amazed. Fish lover would love to be in this place.


Video Games

A wide variety of video games available for everyone. Please approach our staff for assistance and further details.


Horror house

Spooky. Goose bumps. Thriller. Scream.... Are you brave enough to handle them? Come and experience the fun and spooky days, even on day time. Black Thunder has got lots to offer for you.


5D Theater




Dashing Boat

A seven-acre man-made lake has been created for those who want to just float around and relax. Surrounded by lush greenery, enjoy the tranquility, peace, serenity and calm beauty of nature. The hyper-realistic lake offers great boating rides. And if you enjoy horseback-riding, try an invigorating ride at the lake side itself.